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Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
MAA Graphics is founded by M.Alif Anhar and group who share a common passion in photography. We specializes in providing photography service. We cater to weddings and any other events as requested. We are dedicated in giving the best to our customers. We aim to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing our customers enjoying the services that we have provided for them. We want to be able to share our appreciation for this art with our customers. Photography can be a specialized field which allows people with great interest in it the room to express their creativity. We believe in this, and that is why can assure you of a quality service that is done with great care and craftsmanship. Our experienced team will give the best service which will leave you wanting for more! As technology progresses, quality of photography have also improved made possible by this advancement. At MAA Graphics, we use the best equipments with the latest technology to make sure that your special moments will be captured at the highest quality without compromise. We take no chances in ensuring that you can truly relive the moments of your lifetime.

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For more informations about our services, please do contact the numbers below:

Mr. M. Alif Anhar : 019-6699978
Ms. Nur Syazana : 019-6699095
Mdm. Fauziah : 019-3363644

or email to

Trip to Penang

This was our first visit to Penang with the crews. We had a really marvelous time there and we absolutely enjoyed every single moment at Penang. Not forgetting the superb taste of the food such as Char Kuey Tiau, Nasi Kandar, Ikan Pari Kari, Laksa plus the best dish at Penang, Durian Balik Pulau.  Furthermore, Penang people are so friendly and nice. We went there with the ferries and spent 3 days and 2 nights at one of the great hotels. We're really looking forward to revisit Penang and to capture more of great moments there and to the blog's visitors, feel free to comment. Thank you.